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An Empire of the East by Norman Lewis

An Empire of the East by Norman Lewis

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From the publisher:

Norman Lewis was eighty-three years old when in 1991 he embarked on a series of three arduous journeys into the most contentious corners of Indonesia: into the extreme western edge of Sumatra, into East Timor and Irian Jaya. He never drops his guard, reporting only on what he can observe, and using his well-honed tools of irony, humour and restraint to assess the power of the ruling Javanese generals who for better or worse took over the 300-year old dominion of the exploitative Dutch colonial regime.

‘Mr Lewis has, with his inveterate skill, presented these purgatories with a light touch. His prose is almost edible. In old age he is writing better than ever.’ - Anthony Burgess

‘... a powerful work, made brilliant by its simplicity.’ - Michael Fathers, Independent