Bird Box

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We’re all birdwatchers now! Celebrate things avian with J.A. Baker’s extraordinary 1967 monograph on the Peregrine, folk-singer Sam Lee’s lyrical description of the Nightingale, (signed by the author), Horatio Clare’s Homeric description of the bird it takes more than one of to make a summer and Adam Nicolson’s paean to the beauty of Puffins, Gannets, Guillemots and Razorbills.

This book bundle contains:

  • The Nightingale by Sam Lee SIGNED
  • The Peregrine by Kathleen Jamie
  • The Seabird's Cry by Adam Nicolson 
  • A Single Swallow by Horatio Clare
  • Nightingale Bird Caller made by the craftsmen at quelle est belle bird call company worth £19

All this, beautifully wrapped and delivered direct to your (or a gift recipient’s) door.