History of Ideas Plus

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An exciting collaboration between Talking Politics and the London Review Book Box, on a new way to engage with the next season of History of Ideas: David Runciman’s groundbreaking series of talks on the most important thinkers and prominent ideas behind modern politics, which were downloaded over a million times during lockdown one. 

Series two, which begins in February, will consider 12 new and explosive figures who redefined the course of politics, political theory and much else besides, from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Rosa Luxemburg, Frederick Douglass to Friedrich Nietzsche. History of Ideas Plus membership means listeners can turn the podcast into their own personal masterclass, while bolstering their bookshelves with some of the foundational works of political theory and philosophy. Members will receive:

  • High-quality editions of all the featured texts delivered to your door, along with some recent bestsellers to help fill in some of the biographical gaps, and detailed show notes to guide your background and further reading (15 books in total, which will arrive in three monthly boxes).
  • An e-collection of relevant writing from the LRB archive, by contributors including Judith Shklar, Bernard Williams, Jacqueline Rose, Elaine Showalter and Richard Rorty, with a new introduction by David Runciman.
  • Access to two exclusive webinars with David; you’ll be able to ask him questions about the talks and the texts, and discuss ideas with other members.
  • Tickets for a member-only online event, featuring David in conversation with a leading expert on one of his subjects.
  • Numbers will be capped so that webinars and events won’t be oversubscribed; become a member now to avoid disappointment! 

All this, for just £270 (£300 EU) including shipping (RRP for the 15 books alone is £250).


All twelve episodes of Talking Politics: History of Ideas will still be released, weekly, as free (and ad-free) podcasts; subscribe through iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.