London Review Book Box - August 2020

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Get a copy of the London Review Book Box from August 2020. 

This box contains:

  • Slaves of New York by Tama Janowitz
  • 80s retro cassette tape measure
  • 80s retro cassette bookmarks
  • Unique Slaves of New York inspired bookmark 
  • A postcard from our booksellers with information about this book.

Slaves of New York

Tama Janowitz’s 1986 collection of interlinked short stories, Slaves of New York, is full of electric openings. ‘Fred had a problem; he liked to approach strange girls on the street and offer to take them shopping at Tiffany’s. As he was an out-of-work musician who lived in a cold-water walk-up near the Williamsburg Bridge, this often got him into trouble.’ They dive straight in and don’t outstay their welcome; the dialogue goes at a hundred miles an hour; the satire is still sharp, the subject-matter (hypocrisy, too-high rents, jealousy, the relentless churn of hype) is still relevant today. Janowitz’s eighties New York is tangibly real, as much its own place as the New Yorks of Damon Runyan or Nora Ephron. Picking up this book, you feel you could walk around in it.