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The Missionaries by Norman Lewis

The Missionaries by Norman Lewis

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From the publisher:

The Missionaries is a searing examination of attempts by North American fundamentalist Christian missionaries to convert indigenous tribes around the globe, and the genocide which so often results. In a distillation of a lifetime’s observation on the ground, Norman Lewis contrasts the self-contained, peaceful traditions of the tribal people he so admires with the shameless violence, the bogus piety, the ruthless double standards and the mercenary greed of the men and women who seek to convert them.

By simply observing the two groups and describing their words and actions, Lewis leaves the reader devastated by man’s capacity for cruelty and with no doubt as to which of the two – missionaries or tribespeople – inhabits the superior culture.

‘... a scathing and ironic indictment of which a Voltaire or a Swift might be proud’ - Sunday Times

‘... compulsive, deeply upsetting and unforgettable’ - Financial Times