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Wandering in Strange Lands by Morgan Jerkins

Wandering in Strange Lands by Morgan Jerkins

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From the publisher:

Part family history, part reportage, and part ethnography, WANDERING IN STRANGE LANDS explores the legacy of the Great Migration, the many ways in which Black Americans have been dispossessed of their lands and heritage, and the voices that demonstrates the connection between black people in spite of time lost and distance measured.

WANDERING IN STRANGE LANDS will explore the idea that while the Great Migration, which occurred between 1916 and 1970, provided black people with new opportunities for growth, it disconnected them from their roots, their land, and their sense of identity as a people. Morgan, in this exploration, travels through many parts of the country, from Georgia and South Carolina, to Louisiana, to Oklahoma and California, to understand not only her own lineage, but the lineage of a people who have been displaced, disenfranchised, and disrespected at every turn.

Through interviews, photos, and hundreds of pages of transcription, WANDERING IN STRANGE LANDS deftly documents the journey of one woman who sought to find the loose threads of her families' oral histories by traveling through the migratory routes her ancestors took to the north and the Black people she found along the way who provided the connective tissue about myths, customs, and lineages in American history. Incisive and illuminating, WANDERING IN STRANGE LANDS is a timely and interesting look at in the United States through a young black woman's eyes.