About Us

About the London Review Bookshop

The London Review Bookshop is in Bloomsbury, just down the road from the British Museum. The Bookshop has established itself as an essential part of the capital’s cultural life. Opened in 2003 by the London Review of Books, it’s a place for people who love books to meet, talk, drink excellent tea and coffee, eat delicious cake, and browse the shelves.

Our selection of more than 20,000 titles ranges from the classics of world literature to the cutting edge of contemporary fiction and poetry, as well as a wide selection of history, politics, philosophy, cookery, essays and children’s books.

Our aim has always been to represent on our shelves the distinctive ethos of the Review – intelligent without being pompous; engaged without being partisan. We hope the selections in our Book Box will give you a sense of what makes the shop unique. If you are able to visit us in Bury Place, we look forward to finding you the books you’re looking for and, more important, the ones you didn’t know you needed.

About the London Review of Books

The London Review of Books is Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas. Published twice a month, it provides a space for some of the world’s best writers to explore a wide variety of subjects in exhilarating detail – from art and politics to science and technology via history and philosophy, not to mention fiction and poetry. In the age of the long read, the LRB remains the pre-eminent exponent of the intellectual essay, admired around the world for its fearlessness, its range and its elegance. You can find out our more about the LRB on our website, and also find some excellent subscription offers there too!