FAQ: Close Readings Plus

What is the publication schedule for the monthly podcasts? 

Every month at midday UK time (GMT or BST) on the 4th (Medieval Beginnings), the 14th (Among the Ancients) and the 24th (The Long and Short), except when that falls on a Saturday or Sunday, when it will be published the day before or after.

When will the seminars take place?

Dates still to be confirmed in March, June, September and December 2023.

Are the books sent month by month or all together at the start of the year?

New for 2023, we’ve decided to send Close Readings Plus subscribers all their books at the start of the year, to minimise postal delays. All your books should have arrived by the end of January 2023, in all but the most remote instances.

Why is the price of postage so high for customers outside the UK?

At the moment, we can only fulfil deliveries from our warehouse in the UK, and this is what posting the 12-13 books overseas from the UK costs. We’re exploring international fulfilment options for future series.

Does a Close Readings Plus subscription give me subscriber access to the London Review of Books website and online archive?

No, for full access to the LRB website and online archive you’ll have to take out a magazine subscription separately. However, extensive further reading of relevant pieces from the LRB archive will be provided to Close Readings Plus subscribers in their e-collection, episode notes and so on.

Can I sign up for the podcasts only, and buy the books separately myself?

New for 2023, you can! We now also offer a range of audio-only subscription options for Close Readings series via the LRB podcast channel, if your shelves are full and it’s the podcasts only that you’re after.

The podcasts are available through a partnership with Supporting Cast which allow them to be accessible via most Podcast apps, however some apps are not supported, so do check on the website before purchasing. Once purchased on the Supporting Cast website you will need to link each series to your Podcast app of choice yourself, using details provided in the account section of their website. Any problems with this will need to be directed to help@supportingcast.fm

Please note that audio-only options don’t include access to the quarterly seminars.

Can I subscribe halfway through next year?

To Close Readings Plus, no: we will be closing subscriptions for 2023 at the end of the day (midnight GMT) on Tuesday 3 January. The audio-only subscription options will remain open and available for the rest of the year, however.

I subscribed to Among the Ancients in 2022; is there a new series of Among the Ancients podcasts?

No, it’s the same series of podcasts based on the same set of books (albeit with a new line-up of special guests), so don’t resubscribe. If you enjoyed your Close Readings Plus experience, why not subscribe to one of our new series instead?

Will you be re-running these series in 2024?

We plan to, yes, alongside some new series. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for news of these and other Close Readings Plus series, please email: bookbox@lrb.co.uk