FAQ: Close Readings Plus

What is the publication schedule for the monthly podcasts? 

Every month on the 14th, except in May (13th) and August (12th), at midday UK time (GMT or BST).

When will the seminars take place?

On 26 March, 18 June, 24 September and 17 December 2022, at 5pm UK time (GMT or BST depending on the month, if any of these dates/times have to change subscribers will be informed immediately). This time has been chosen to be as internationally convenient as possible, but we understand that every subscriber won’t be able to attend all four seminars. If you are unable to make it, you will be invited to submit questions for Emily, Tom and their guests in advance, and they will try to answer as many of them as possible. All subscribers will be sent the recording of each session the following Monday. 

How will you guarantee books arrive in time for the relevant episode of the podcast? 

Each book will be shipped approximately six weeks before the publication of the podcast discussing it, which should be plenty of time in all but the most remote instances. (For subscriptions bought after 1 December, the first book will be sent as soon as possible after purchase.) If a book doesn’t arrive by the 14th, however, don’t worry: all podcast episodes will remain live for the whole year, so you can wait to listen until the book arrives. But you don’t have to: the podcasts have been designed to be listened to before turning to the books, as well as after. Or you could listen twice! 

Why is the price of postage so high for customers outside the UK? 

At the moment, we can only fulfil deliveries from our warehouse in the UK, and this is what posting the 13 books overseas from the UK costs. We’re exploring international fulfilment options for future series. 

Can I sign up for the podcasts and/or seminars only, and buy the books separately myself?

For 2022, only a full subscription to Close Readings Plus: Among the Ancients, including book deliveries, will be available for purchase. We are currently exploring options for making podcast only (or podcast and seminar only) subscriptions available from 2023 onwards.

Can I subscribe halfway through next year? 

No: we will be closing subscriptions for 2022 at the end of the day (midnight GMT) on Monday 3 January.

Will you be re-running the series in 2023? 

We plan to, yes. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for news of this and other Close Readings Plus series, please email: bookbox@lrb.co.uk